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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions What ages of children come on your courses?

How many children come on your courses?

We tend to have around 70-80 children on each course, of whom around two thirds tend to board and a third attend daily.  Usually roughly a quarter of the children are girls, three quarters boys: though on our Easter 2018 course it was half girls, half boys - noisy!

Will my child be playing with children much more (or less) advanced than she is?

My child has never stayed away from home before and I’m a bit worried.

My teenager is worried there won’t be many older children on the course

They needn’t worry.  Consistently on our Summer Courses, half the children are teenagers and half are aged 12 and under.  We treat all children appropriately for their age, and the teenagers tend to prefer less structured evenings to the younger children – maybe an impromptu game of football after supper, chatting in the evening sunshine, playing cards in the teenagers’ common room or watching a film with friends before bed. 

My eight year old is worried all the other children will be much older than him

Well, it's true that most of them will be older, as eight is the youngest age of child we take on our courses.  But there will be other children the same age or just a year or two older, and your child will very quickly make friends.  He or she is very likely (unless they are extremely musically advanced for their age) to be in music sessions with other children around their age, and the various different age groups have a knack of quickly gravitating to each other at break times.  And for some unknown but very happy reason, our courses seem to attract extremely nice children of all ages, who really help to create the very friendly and warm atmosphere are courses are known for – so the older children are not the scary sort anyway!

Who will be teaching my child?

Each small ensemble has one lead tutor, helped by two or three other tutors.  They will all be contributing in many ways: from explaining, demonstrating and inspiring, to pointing out notes and helping with sightreading where necessary.  The masterclasses are taken by the instrument-specific tutors. 

What is the accommodation like?  Will my child be able to share a room/have a single room?

My child has special dietary requirements – can you cater for this?
Yes.  The catering at the schools we use is excellent, and the chefs are used to catering for allergies and intolerances.  All the food is freshly made on-site, the kitchens are nut-free, and they are very experienced in catering for all manner of things such as dairy-free or gluten free diets, egg allergies and so on.  Matron is also on hand at mealtimes to ensure that the right children are eating the right food.

Can you attend just a day or two of your courses?
Our course are designed for the children to attend in their entirety, and each day builds on the work done on the previous one.  If it is a case of, say, having to miss the final day because of holiday commitments, then we can work round that: but any more than that doesn’t really make sense, as your child to get the best out of the course.  

We live abroad – is it possible for my child to attend your course?
Yes!  We have had children on our courses from France, Spain, Ireland, Norway, Dubai, Poland and Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore and China, as well as from all over the UK.  Your child is welcome wherever you live, and children have found the courses great for developing their language skills as well as their musical ones. 

Do I need to provide a packed lunch for my child?
No (apart from on the January One Day Course, when the answer is yes).  All food is provided during the Easter and Summer Courses - lunch and breaktime snacks for the day children, and breakfast, lunch and supper (and breaktime snacks)for those staying on a residential basis.

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