The Workshop for Grade 8+ Musicians

Alongside our Summer Courses for all brass players, we also run The Workshop, which is a separate advanced and intensive course aimed at high level performance for advanced players (Grade 8/Diploma).

The Workshop is ideal for those thinking about attending music college or considering a career as a musician, and is a great opportunity to work with world class players and teachers and benefit from their experience.  Many tutors are associated with London colleges, and play in the country’s leading orchestras, and so as well as giving outstanding instrumental tuition, they will also be able to offer expert opinion and advice concerning auditions and interviews for tertiary education - along with an insight into the life of a professional musician.

Those in the Workshop always seems to bond brilliantly on each course, and they learn a lot from each other and from hearing each other play as well as from their tutors. 

The Workshop will be part of both of our 2020 Summer Courses, but follows a separate schedule that reflects its more advanced and focused nature.  The Workshop sticks together for all its music sessions, only joining the others for the Massed Brass session during the last half hour of the day.

Thank you so much for The Workshop. Our son came wanting to play and learn, eager to be in an environment where he could concentrate on his trombone playing - this is exactly what he got - high level tutoring, inspiration, encouragement and motivation - thank you to all the tutors and to the general course environment.  it has given him so much confidence.