Very sadly and frustratingly for all concerned, we have had to cancel both our summer courses.  It was just proving impossible to plan for them, with all the uncertainty around whether or not it would be prudent - or legal - to go ahead and run them.  We have of course refunded in full everyone who had booked.

We are keeping a close eye on things and if circumstances develop such that we can safely and sensibly hold a course of some sort (almost certainly only a day course, not residential), it may be that we offer something towards the end of August.  If we do this, it would be arranged fairly last minute, so that we know we will definitely be able to deliver what we are offering.  

If your child has not been on one of our courses before and you would like to be kept informed of any plans for a course this summer, please send a quick email to and we will get in touch if we decide to run a course to see if your child is able to be involved.  (If your child has attended one of our courses in the past there is no need to email, we will automatically get in touch with you with any news.)

With very best wishes,

Ann & Tom